Better Future, poslovno svetovanje, Ksenija Strazisnik s.p. Slovenia

Better Future is a private enterprise established in 2019. Even though the company is very young, people involved in the project have long years of experience in education, personal training and organisation of youth and adult mobilities. Other experience of staff members in the company: Digital marketing and copywriting skills Training and coaching of young people from 2004 20 years of cooperation with different top-notch institutions as well as with the Ministry of Educations and Sports of Slovenia in the field of young athletes development Volunteer experience – active participation in the Erasmus+ project in different roles in other companies Expertise in guiding groups of people towards the same goal in big companies in the management and HR position Organisation skills from 1997 onwards in different EU countries. In the last few years, the owner of the Better Future specialises in digital marketing and dissemination activities which is a great need for every project. She is running the site, providing personal coaching and digital marketing techniques to the clients. Because of expert knowledge in digital tools and their use, Better Future is a perfect partner to support the project’s vision and develop its project results for high-quality online schooling. The members of the organisation all have extensive experience in various tools, allowing for holistic suggestions and solutions.

What are the activities and experience of the organisation in the areas relevant for this project? What are the skills and/or expertise of key persons involved in this project?

Ksenija Stražišnik, now the owner of the Better Future, was also a key participant in a different EU project regarding entrepreneurship (InspireUS, MultiENT). In project MultiENT (2017), Ksenija developed and conducted training in soft skills needed for entrepreneurs in 2020. In project Inspire, the US has a role in preparing education, especially for ladies who want to be entrepreneurs. This knowledge will be of critical importance when designing e-learning methodologies and implementing them into the schools, primarily through a digital lens.

Skills and expertise of key persons:

Ksenija Stražišnik is in her current position a digital marketing expert and, as such, very valuable in dissemination activities in every project. In her previous professional life, she worked as a manager in different departments in a worldwide concern.

Part of her job was also customer service. She was coordinating the purchase, sales and logistics for an international company. Coordinating skills will provide an excellent value for project and task management, working towards the same goal. Experiences of working as a tourist guide and representative in foreign countries, responsible for the organisation, sightseeing and well -being of big groups will contribute to the organisation of the project, mobilities and short time training events. She has been working in sports or training professionally all her adult life, achieving top-notch sports results: vice World Champion in Aero Kickbox, European Champion, and three times Slovenian national champion. She daily learned from the world best kick-boxer (Tomaž Barada, 3x world champion in Taekwondo). She worked together with the best in the Aero kickbox world (Bianka Tapilatu Barada, world champion in Aero kickbox). She completed training for the Pace program and Aerobic exercise, allowing her to teach her professional skills to adults and kids (4-7 years) in different Slovenian cities. At that time, it also won first place at the Nike Aerobic  onvention. These past experiences allow her to guide children and youth in their development and understand their needs. She has experience in teaching methodology, persistence and goal-setting training, leading groups and young people to success. She is still much involved in her training, although she does not compete any more. Her knowledge of physical exercises and their effect on the body and teaching principles of workout, gamification theory, and training skills are very needed in all the educational tasks with children and students.

Gašper Pongrac is in his current position as a web design expert and, as such, very valuable in designing anything digital and understanding the purpose of digital tools. In his previous professional life, he was working as a consultant and translator in an international company. Part of his job was also customer service. He was coordinating the production flow for an international company. Coordinating skills will provide an excellent value for project and task management, working towards the same goal. These past experiences allow him to contribute value to every project through conflict solving between partners and workflow, preparation of surveys, digital design and budget management. Knowing the psychological methodologies between children or young people help to understand different behaviours and understand their needs. The gained knowledge in the educational sector has equipped him with tools to maintain balance in the teaching profession and coping with stress factors.

Rada Drnovšek has more than 13 years of experience in the youth field, where she went through all the phases, from a participant to youth worker, project coordinator and manager. She carried out activities at the local and international level, with a degree in political science and a master’s degree in management of nonprofit organisations. Her vision is to impress people for their development and consequently make the world a better place.


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