Our school Adnan Menderes Ortaokulu is a public secondary school with 740 students and 44 teachers. Our students are aged 11 to 14. Our vision is respecting the individual differences of the students; to make them grow up as individuals who are knowledgeable, skilled, and who make the best use of technological advances. Depending on Atatürk’s Principles and Revolutions; our mission is to raise individuals who think, question, produce, change, have self-confidence, modern and carry our past with dignity in line with their interests and abilities, and prepare them for life and a higher education institution. After 4 years of successful education, our students go to high schools. The school has a library, 24 classrooms, a science lab, technology and design class and dining hall. Our students are participating in various local events and projects in art, sport, music and mind games. We are interested in Project-Based learning, Web 2.0, Art, STEM and Inclusive Education. We have migrant and disabled students. We encourage our students in sport competitions and in various projects especially in eTwinning. We have been participating in eTwinning projects for three years and we were awarded National Quality labels, European Quality labels and We became an  Twinning school in March. Our school is located in the city centre of Mersin. Mersin is in the south of Turkey. You are amazed with the natural beauties and historical places in our city. It has an 11 km coast along the city centre. You can easily travel to the mountains as well. You can taste traditional food such as tantuni, kebabs, desserts etc. We have a hardworking and excited team about to share our experiences and make new partnerships with schools from other countries. We are a reliable and responsible partner and our students are ready to cooperate with other European peers. We want to give our students the opportunity to get to know different cultures, to socialize, to exchange ideas and use technology efficiently.

What are the activities and experience of the organisation in the areas relevant for this project? What are the skills and/or expertise of key persons involved in this project?

Our institution is interested in projects in which our students find opportunities to develop their skills and raise their awareness about values, environmental problems , academic, sportive, and social skills. So the students participate in competitions and activities in various kinds of fields. We pay attention to our students to have a healthy-diet at school. We encourage our students to have healthy food and drinks. Our P.E. Teachers inform them and do many exercises together to show how to be fit. Some of our teachers participated in eTwinning projects such as “My Golden Values”, “Zero Waste” last year. They became a part of the projects ‘WEBA’ and ‘STORYWEB’ this year with our students. This year our teachers are carrying out a total of 8 eTwinning projects and we became an eTwinning school in March. Besides that, we have 2 Erasmus+ projects starting in 2020 and still running. So we can say that we are an active school. For the project activity realization will be included 4 persons from our school:

Ali Uğur BAL – Principal of the institution. He has a bachelor degree of Technology and Design Education and a master degree of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations. He has attended various courses such as IT, web 2.0 and school management. He has worked as a teacher, a founding manager, a branch manager and now the principal. He supports teachers who participate in eTwinning projects and Erasmus+ projects. He appreciates and motivates not only teachers but also students.

Zeynep KARABACAK—She is an English language teacher. She participates in eTwinning projects and has experience as a coordinator of one Erasmus+ KA1 project and eTwinning projects. She is motivated in creating and participating projects including Web tools, art, technology integration and STEM. She has been the coordinator of the eTwinning project, ‘STORYWEB’.

Hatice ÖZBAKAN– She is an English teacher. She has a Bachelor degree of English language teaching. She participates in eTwinning projects. The projects were awarded National Quality Labels and European Quality Labels. In 2019-2020 she participated in “My Golden Values”. She enjoys working with IT tools which help to motivate and encourage students to do research works, to improve critical thinking and creativity.

Mustafa Hüseyin KESER— He is a Maths teacher. He is willing to participate in EU projects. He is highly motivated and encourages both himself and his students to improve and explore new methods and techniques. He is new in eTwinning and EU projects.

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