Associação Cultural e de solidariedade Social Raquel Lombardi Portugal

The Cultural and Social Solidarity Association Raquel Lombardi was founded in 2016 with the mission of promoting solidarity through the arts in a cultural and inclusive context. Because this association, public utility, was founded by an oncological patient, the association seeks to raise awareness among its participants in the prevention of public health through actions to raise awareness with accredited health professionals and activities to promote health and well-being.

The UNIDOS project by Arte & Emoções, from the Cultural and Social Solidarity Association Raquel Lombardi, has contributed to a valorization of the human being and its learning in an integral and inclusive way under a glance where emotional intelligence plays a relevant role. Inclusion is seen from a perspective of acceptance of difference in solidarity and preventive aspect of health and the environment. The emotional balance goes through several stages, starting with self-knowledge, and accepting oneself as it is. Then look in the outer environment for essential elements to live in harmony:

prevention of health and environment. This project intends to give continuity to the dynamization that, since its formation, has carried out several inclusive cultural activities with great integrative power of the individual (social, cultural and health) through the arts (whether these are plastic, musical, dramatic, literary, scenic, body / other). The continuous development of pedagogical and cultural actions with professionals of very own and well-known qualifications, both in health and artistic level, seek to value and integrate, in a perspective of constant social partnership and innovation.

General objectives:

  • Promote health and well-being; Fostering equality and access to opportunities;
  • To promote the teaching of the arts (literature, music, drama, theater, dance, voice);
  • Empower students in artistic tools that transform them into critical and creative individuals;
  • Raising awareness about combating school drop-out;
  • To promote attitudes of preservation of the environment and of public health;
  • To foster the development of attitudes of respect and conviviality;
  • To value emotions in an educational, cultural and social context, filling affective needs in a harmonious environment of love and sharing;
  • Emphasize empathizing inclusion by abandoning stigmatized thinking, accepting with naturalness and equity the difference;
  • Promoting lifelong learning, Contribute to a more peaceful, solidary, equitable, inclusive and innovative Europe. Promote actions / activities where the arts develop skills, or promote the well-being and social integration of people with special educational needs in an inclusive and integrative way;
  • Carry out public events in the field of health / promotion and integration of people with disabilities (oncological / skeletal / neurological / genetic) to provide tools for early detection and intervention;
  • Give to the general population, tools to help people with SEN (namely Portuguese Sign Language, Braille, augmentative language, support techniques) through intensive courses and literary competitions;
  • To know / enable all those involved in the process (patient, family) of support tools through medicine and alternative therapies (Acupuncture; Yoga Therapy; reiki);

Cooperate with Associations and public institutions namely the Occupational Activity Centers of the RAM (CAO), DSEAM; CEPAM; ASSOCIATED PRESS RELEASES: Madeira Bandolins, ANDO, Judo Brava Club, Sacred Family Psycopedagogical Center, APPC, Portuguese Cancer League, CASA, Associação MonteVerde, among others; Develop Dissemination actions in several parishes of the RAM, which promote the change of the self image of people with special educational needs as well as the social image of them.

Activities and experience of the organisation in the areas relevant for this project

The association has extensive experience in cultural and pedagogical activities in order to promote culture among the youngest layers, in schools, in public entities, having a group of competent professionals with a wide cultural curriculum that will enrich a strategic partnership. The use of new technologies in language learning is a very motivating and effective methodology. In our working group we have ICT teachers, special education teachers and experts in the study of emotional intelligence. We conduct training courses in the areas of technology, emotional intelligence, music therapy, dance therapy, health and well-being, inclusive and creative literature. We have been contacted by the Portuguese national agency Erasmus and we are already in the process of accepting a credentialed institution in training.

Raquel Lombardi – Presidente Teacher for pre-school and special needs education Children’s book writer. Excellent organizational abilities and skills for team management. Developed skills for team work and activities organization

Cláudia Aguiar – Health professional – Physiotherapist, responsible Education Health Project. Experience and mobility skills , organizing and preparing health activities, problem solving skills, team work.

Elisabete Silva – Physical Teacher education President judoBrava Club Experience and skills in communication,Developed skills for managing conflicts

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